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fragmented space series – google goart

The Fragmented Space Series is currently installed at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California as part of Google GoArt. Each piece in the series is hand-cut and/or painted.

Naturally attracted to patterns, Melanie attempts to find the connection in mundane and unnoticed occurrences in her Fragmented Space series. By recreating what is left behind – the pattern raindrops leave on the windshield of a car, the residue of foam after finishing a cup of latte, or remnants of shadows casted in the evening light – what was once temporary is preserved and the relationship of cause and effect formed into a stagnant moment. 

Process and labor play integral roles in her work. The concept of cause and effect is further incubated through intended and unintended choices, from initial thought to the movement of the hand on the paper. A parallel relationship is formed in the positive and negative space due to these decisions. Though intricate in design, there is a sense of organic flight in Melanie’s pieces by allowing the creation process to take ownership in each piece. By not formulating precise end results, the work can take a life of its own as it evolves into the remnants of the initial concept.